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Rethinking cities to deliver bright urban futures

Fronteer Cities and Mobility

"We believe in co-creating urban progress. Together with citizens, visitors, businesses, academia and municipalities we create tangible visions and urban solutions."

Martijn Pater

Founding Partner Fronteer

Our vision

Around the world, urbanisation is advancing like never before. By 2030, 60% of the global population is expected to live in urban areas. Cities continue to grow and increasingly suffer from pollution, congestion, overcrowding, loss of biodiversity and income inequality. City life is under pressure and we need to rethink the way we design and approach cities.

We believe multi-stakeholder collaboration is essential to co-create urban progress. By bringing diverse urban stakeholders together, we can better balance needs and collectively overcome challenges. We build strong coalitions to realise inclusive housing developments, co-create tangible guidelines for embedding biodiversity standards in new urban developments and pilot new digital solutions to realise smart use of space. To name just a few of our focus areas.

What to expect

We deliver strategies and tangible concepts that contribute to:

  • Healthy places to live and work

  • Inclusive and affordable developments

  • Resilient and green ecosystems

  • Adaptive spatial solutions

  • Responsible and durable destinations

Ecosystem co-creation

Co-create strategies for urban innovation together with ecosystem players.

Impactful coalitions

Build coalitions to tackle the city’s most complex multi-stakeholder challenges.

Breakthrough solutions

Design innovative urban solutions to answer tomorrow’s needs.

Fronteer Cities and Mobility
Fronteer Cities and Mobility


Curious to innovate with us on the future of cities?


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