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Becoming a diverse and inclusive workplace, ready for the future.

Fronteer Diversity and Inclusion

"D&I is not a sprint but a journey. At the same time it can be fun and very rewarding. With diversity and inclusion in the workplace everybody wins."

Leonie van Mierlo

Lead Strategist Fronteer

Our vision

Diverse and inclusive workplaces make better decisions, have higher turnover, earn deeper trust and more commitment from their employees and are a magnet for new talent. But how to approach the topic? We have the answer.

Strategy and tactics to become a diverse and inclusive organization

Fronteer guides organizations on their journey to become a diverse and inclusive organization, no matter what your starting point is. Our approach is both topdown and bottom up, engaging the organization using the power of co-creation. We are in this together: during our journey we act as expert and temporary member of your team. Our 10-step plan - from vision and ambition to D&I roadmap - allows you to implement and integrate D&I in your daily line of work.


​Informative and inspiring keynotes by D+I expert Leonie van Mierlo


Scan your current status, challenges and opportunities regarding D&I


Thorough roadmap defining your vision, mission and ambition, translated into a tangible plan of action

Fronteer Diversity and Inclusion
Fronteer Diversity and Inclusion


Leonie van Mierlo is strategist at Fronteer. In 2021 she published the book Draw wins (Gelijkspel Wint): the power of diversity and inclusive leadership. It was nominated for best management book 2022 and is highly appreciated for its inclusive and practical approach to the topic.


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