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Using co-creation to develop

cutting-edge vocational education

Fronteer Education

"Education needs to leave the school building and enter the real world. We innovate vocational education through co-creation and partnership development."

James Veenhoff

Founding Partner Fronteer

Our vision

The world of work is changing and vocational education must keep pace. Quality education is essential for economic growth and an inclusive society. Each year, about 145 thousand MBO students graduate in the Netherlands. Together, they are the engine of our economy. To properly train these future employees, co-creating with the industry is essential. It’s the only way we can provide up-to-date, engaging vocational education and unlock students’ full potential.

Through Fronteer Education, we aim to provide equal opportunities in the education system by creating partnerships between courses and industry. This way, companies will get well-trained employees, while students will get the opportunity to build a network in their industry.

What to expect

Fronteer Education applies Fronteer's co-creative energy, ambition, and methods to build bridges between education and practice. Theory, process, and structure are combined with local context and inspiration to create fresh perspectives and common ground. New networks, inspired teams, and compelling concepts.


How to turn trends and inspiration from workplace practice into opportunities for education


How to turn teachers into learners: organise for connection, listening and innovation


Developing new, inspiring education programs with, and by connecting to leading players in the field of work

Fronteer Education
Fronteer Education


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