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Co-creating innovative solutions for people and the planet

Fronteer NGO impact

"Making systemic impact requires stronger stakeholder collaboration across countries and value chains."

Babke Hogenhuis

Associate Partner Fronteer

Our vision

Today’s society asks for more resilience - to face societal and environmental crises around the planet. NGOs and governments globally are the driving forces to realise systemic changes for a more sustainable and equitable world. But the urgency of the challenges we face today requires more intensive collaboration. To achieve sustainable results in the long run, stakeholders across value chains need to work together in unexpected ways to solve issues that are too complex to solve alone.

What to expect

We use co-creation to engage perspectives and unlock human potential. We help build solutions to improve people’s lives, build human rights, and contribute to an inclusive and transparent society. Because only empowered people and communities can help protect our planet. Together we can transform the approach to societal and planetary impact by setting new standards and innovative ways of working.


Developing a future vision, business models, and actionable roadmap for change


Co-creating and validating innovative solutions for stakeholder and community engagement


Building partnerships and coalitions to accelerate impact

Fronteer NGO impact
Fronteer NGO impact


Curious to accelerate impact through co-creation?


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