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Beyond borders: global co-creation

We are living in bizarre times. The world changed around in just a few weeks. Most of us are working from home and online, having found alternative ways to attempt to progress business as usual. Even though it has us all taken aback, we are wired to find solutions, to improvise-, and to readjust. Now is the time where people unleash unprecedented creativity and reshape standards. Since the start of the Dutch intelligent lockdown, we knew we had to find a swift workaround our usual way of working. Business will not just return to normal. Exploring and experimenting with various tools and set-ups, we managed to migrate all of our offline tools to online ways of working in just a week’s time. After 250+ Zoom calls, 35+ Mural canvasses, and millions of digital post-its we can proudly state online is the new norm.

Same same but different

At Fronteer we help businesses define the future and develop inspiring concepts and impactful strategies through the power of expert co-creation. We invite industry experts to join our expert co-creation workshops; enabling them to connect to other topic experts, gain inspiration, and to co-create with like-minded people. Up until March 2020, we have always held our workshops offline, even traveling across the globe to gain local knowledge and expertise. But with offline being off the table, our client NDSM-Foundation was willing to join our adventure in our first-ever online expert co-creation workshop; the online Treehouse. The same workshop, just completely online. With a new rhythm and structure to online interaction, we developed a high quality and intuitive approach that equals our offline workshops.

“I am impressed by how you managed to achieve this high-quality way of working. It parallels with your usual physical co-creation” – Tim Vermeulen, NDSM-Foundation.

A new era of online and global co-creation

In fact, it unlocks a whole new window of opportunities. The world is more connected than ever. Since COVID-19, we see a massive adoption rate in digital transformation. Nearly everyone globally knows how to work remotely and online.

That is why we can now easily co-create globally. Co-creating online allows us to connect with global industry experts in even the remotest areas. Co-creation with local experts in Mexico, Guatemala, and Indonesia is now a fact. Fronteer ensures the same high energy and high-quality outcome.

Tools for change

Online tools are thriving. Companies that were cautious with introducing new tools are now forced to introduce and adopt new tools. Our go-to instruments for online co-creation are Zoom & Mural, but we are flexible to adapt to the needs of our clients. Zoom is a smooth and flexible conferencing tool. It has the feature to work in breakout groups; essential for running our workshops. Although Zoom has received critique due to privacy reasons, they have quickly turned around and solved major issues, which reassured us to continue working with them. Our go-to online brainstorming tool is Mural. Think of one big, flexible canvas where multiple collaborators can digitally post and structure their thoughts and ideas. It’s intuitive, even for those who haven’t worked with online brainstorming tools.

Reimagine the future

After the first phase of adjustment, now is the time to reimagine your future and get an outside-in perspective. Are you ready for the new age? Get on board, and allow for your tough challenges to be cracked with global expertise. Find out more or get in touch!


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