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Co-creating urban progress: Fronteer Cities

As a certified B Corp, we believe that business can be a force for good. That’s why we are taking on the future of cities as a dedicated field of work. But we cannot do it alone. We believe multi-stakeholder collaboration is needed to co-create urban progress. By putting public and private urban stakeholders together, we can better balance needs and wishes and together overcome urban challenges. How we do it? We typically take three approaches:

  1. We help you define the future of your business and your role within it. What role do you want to play in the city of tomorrow? How will you grow, stand out and make impact?

  2. We help you define and implement new strategies. Using the power of co-creation to adapt to new realities and move forward with implementation through living labs and more.

  3. We help you build a network of urban innovators. To collaboratively tackle the challenges that are too big to tackle alone.

Building our vision for the future of cities

Over the past 5,5 years I’ve spent with Fronteer, many different projects have crossed my desk. More often than not, they’ve had something to do with the future of city life. We explored what daily urban living will look like and how new mobility solutions will impact cities. We created strategies for a balanced visitor economy and defined profiles for the citizens of a new urban development. And we are only getting started… So we thought it was time to put our thoughts together and present our own vision for the future of cities. What developments do we see and how should we tackle them?

Introducing: Fronteer Cities

Around the world urbanisation continues like never before and by 2030 60% of the global population is expected to live in urban areas. Cities continue to grow and increasingly suffer from issues like pollution, congestion, overcrowding, loss of biodiversity and high income inequality. In fact, city life is under pressure and we need to rethink the way we approach cities. Therefore we are introducing Fronteer Cities: our dedicated practice around the future of cities. Combining years of experience in the fields or urban developments, destination and sustainability to build better cities.

We deliver strategies and tangible concepts that contribute to urban progress. The topics below highlight some of our best work:

  • Healthy places to live and work The recent pandemic has proven once more that creating healthy places to live and work is essential to protect people’s health and wellbeing in cities. Recent projects range from developing circular construction solutions to positioning smart office buildings.

  • Inclusive and affordable developments People with vital jobs for the city can no longer afford to live in it. We need a new approach to home development and ownership, to ensure inclusive cities for the future.

  • Resilient and green ecosystems Urban biodiversity is key to making sure cities can withstand the impact of climate change and urbanisation. That’s why we partnered with VolkerWessels and Naturalis to create a guide to building for biodiversity.

  • Adaptive spatial solutions The increase in urban traffic and mobility providers, public space is under pressure. By making mobility solutions more adaptive the same public space can host more different functions. This allows cities to ‘give back’ space to its citizens. We explored opportunities for multiple use of space in Rotterdam.

  • Responsible and durable destinations People travel across the world to explore new destinations. In a post-covid era, travelling is expected to once again flourish like before. Apart from the economic benefit this brings to cities, it also puts city life under pressure. Together with citizens, businesses and visitors we develop a strategy for a responsible visitor economy for the city of Amsterdam.

What role will you play in cities?

We’d love to talk and explore the future together.


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