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Partnership co-creation: from transactional relations to ‘new value’

Over the past two decades, open innovation has really taken off. When I worked in the corporate world at the start of my career, I was able to experience first-hand how we secretly worked in our cellars on world-changing innovations. Without really validating with the world outside we were quietly working in our own bubble, to hold up our newborn baby two years later in a changing world. Fortunately, that is different today. Corporates have opened up and actively seek partnerships with other parties to accelerate innovation, in whatever form. And every innovation manager now knows that successful innovation comes from iteration on iteration. Without the courage and belief to experiment, nothing gets off the ground. But building successful partnerships is a challenge in itself. It requires an open mindset and a different conversation. We believe building these partnerships is key for a successful future. We want to welcome you to a new era in collaborative innovation: Partnership Co-creation.

Partnership co-creation; towards ‘new value’ with your large clients

So let’s define this new era. Our clients work with us to deploy our co-creation methodologies in search of new value in the relationship they have with their large clients. Because that is what defines a partnership:

An arrangement where parties, known as partners, agree to collaborate to advance their mutual interests.”

In partnerships, stakeholders collaborate to advance their own needs or interests through value exchange. It is a win-win situation: each partner gets a clear benefit out of the collaboration. We pay attention to preparation and create a level playing field so that everyone with an open mind can seize the moment to think beyond the ‘financial picture’. Because that’s what the conversation normally boils down to. Let’s be honest.

Change the conversation

By ensuring that two parties enter into dialogue in an equal and very well-structured way, we create openness and space to really explore challenges and opportunities for setting up a successful partnership. We believe that in the coming decade supplier-customer relationships will strongly shift to collaborative relationships. We have designed a co-creation approach that brings all these elements together in a creative, energetic, and positive process. In fact; we change the conversation. From negotiation to mutual value creation. The success rates of these sessions are in our favour.

  • We have helped over 10 companies change their conversations…

  • More than 60 ‘True Partnership’ co-creation sessions executed

  • Rated by participants with a 9 out of 10

  • High impact on partnership retention (100%) and acquisition (50%)

  • Of decisive value in contract discussions and proven to be essential to the sales toolkit

It is our ambition to support you in strengthening valuable relationships with customers and help you set up real partnerships with a joint vision on future success.

Ready to change the conversation? Let’s talk!


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