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Teaching the teachers to do co-creation

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Jean School, the first school that educates in sustainable denim development. Jeans School was founded by the Roc of Amsterdam, denim brands and players in the industry. Since then we have developed over 30 new forms of education.

All of these forms were created in co-creation together with experts from the work field. During these co-creation sessions they bring in fresh perspectives, knowledge about the work environment context, inspiring examples from elsewhere and role models for students. Together, they intend on answering the question:

‘What does tomorrow's talent need to learn in school today?’

Educating connectors and designers for lasting impact

Our co-creation methodology has been of great value in this process. Connecting experts from the work field and translating insights into new forms of education. We love this work, but how might we make more impact? Last year we started educating Connectors and Designers in specific schools in order to be able to co-create themselves. In 10 weeks they learn how to translate a trend or an idea into an appealing pitch, which they discuss with colleagues, companies and students; they are taught how to select and attract the best experts for co-creation and they learn how to actually organise and host a co-creation session.

These concepts are translated into a pilot for new education, ready for students to test and experience. And of course, this also happens in co-creation with interesting companies in their field of study. This school year, we will be doing courses at the Summa College in Eindhoven and the ROC of Amsterdam-Flevoland. Would you like to learn co-creation in vocational education? Interested in hearing more?

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