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The ABC's of the SDG's

Why SDG's?

In the very near future, all companies will be legally bound to report their social and environmental policies and impact, as well as financial. Although 'stakeholders and reporting' are typically the domain of the CFO, many leadership teams understand that purpose and sustainability are of direct relevance to almost all corporate disciplines. Attraction and retention of talent, sourcing of materials, development of products and services, marketing campaigns and customer contact. As well as being 'incentivised' by legislation, many of our clients and partners are intrinsically motivated to define their company strategy in new ways: figuring out how to address their vision of contributing to a just society and sustainable business, as well as running a sound business in financial terms.

Driven by mid-level managers Starting this journey can be a huge challenge: there are few simple best practices to follow and many complex frameworks and abbreviations to manage, out of which ESG's and SDG's are the most wanted. As Paul Polman recently noted, we tend to think that such processes happen 'top down' or 'bottom up', whereas for change to take place at pace and scale, we need this to happen 'from the middle out'. This means that rather than just a few C-suite leaders or a handful of 'activist' youngsters, we need broad cross-sections of (upcoming) leaders throughout companies to understand these topics, so that direction can be developed collaboratively.

Corporate education on the SDG's In practical terms, this means that relatively large groups of professionals need to be brought up to speed, so that all can operate based on a solid and shared understanding of sustainability in general, the SDG's and other frameworks in particular. For this reason Fronteer and its partners in the SDG Impact Collective have developed an SDG Immersion Day.

The SDG Immersion Day In one day, you will be brought up to speed on all key frameworks and abbreviations, with special attention to the Sustainable Development Goals. We will dive into each, going beyond the surface of the numbered bricks and their taglines, discussing the meanings, existing tools and commitments as well as best practices from the world of business, bringing them to life in practical ways. The second part of the day is reserved for interactive work sessions and discussion, co-creating ideas and solutions that can be directly applied to business.

  • Understanding of key sustainability principles and frameworks.

  • Empowerment of team members to 'agents of change' within their field of expertise.

  • Co-creation of new solutions in multidisciplinary teams.

  • Involvement and activation of your organisation's impact ambitions.

Do you and your teams want to understand what the SDG's are (all about)? Do you want to define your role in the transitions ahead?

Then why not join us for a day of learning and exploration, laying the foundations of a clear and compelling sustainability strategy. Find out more at


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