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The Fronteer Movement for Positive Impact

The past few years I’ve gained a fair share of experience in the brand design world. I loved being part of the creative process; seeing a client brief come to life with brand touchpoints, and products appearing on shelf. Despite my affinity for design, I increasingly wondered: what is it exactly that design does? Making an aesthetically pleasing design to convince more sales? Can it make impact beyond commercial purposes?

Fronteer on a mission

In March 2017, I had the opportunity to switch from the design industry to the strategy industry. For those who don’t know: Fronteer is a boutique impact strategy firm, where we help our clients to innovate and prepare for a position in the future. Having worked at Fronteer as an intern 8 years ago made it easy to switch, as I know and strongly believe in our co-creation approach and philosophy. What stands out even more to me in our business today, is something that connects all of our clients. We are on a mission to make positive impact.

The ideal crossroad

Our clients and projects are at a perfect crossroad between idealism and commercial purposes. Additional to the demand for innovation and growth, we challenge our clients to think and take responsibility in the larger scheme of things. May that be for societal impact or environmental impact. We do so by pushing ourselves to the frontier, going beyond the limits that we see now. That is why Fronteer is called Fronteer. Fronteer is starting the movement small, like a first gear that links into another bigger gear, and another big one, that finally generates a whole machine of positive impact. Our mission is to make a positive impact, connect all of our clients, instigate a movement.

Some examples of our positive work

We have been working with DSM to develop the positioning and activation for Decovery® – a basis for plant-based paints rather than fossil-based paints. For Heineken we instigated Recycle the Party – where plastic waste of festivals is collected and upcycled for new purposes at festivals (more about this soon). But also less expected clients such as Meyn are our partners to develop the most sustainable poultry factory of the future.

On top of that we recently decided to dedicate one of our Impact Ventures to The Wild Bunch: a collective that supports wild harvest from Indonesian rainforest to sustain the forest. In fact, we are currently trying to do our groceries for our team lunch palm oil-free!

Want to join the movement for positive impact? Connect with me.


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