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March 2021

Hello Impact! Fronteer and Hello Digital join forces

September 2020 marks the beginning of a new chapter in Fronteer history. We will set foot in Germany. Historically, Germany is The Netherlands’ biggest trading partner. Next to that, the Germans are leading in many industries. Its automotive industry for example has been a frontrunner for decades. Fronteer aims to be more active than ever in this exciting market. Together with Hello Digital, our new partner in Berlin, Fronteer has embarked on an ambitious journey. We have created a new venture which is called Hello Impact. We have already been doing projects as one team.

Berlin meets Amsterdam

Hello Digital is an agency specialised in digital innovation. We as Fronteer are creative strategists and pretty good co-creators. We will combine forces to excite customers with our joint approach. Fronteer has seen over the past 12 years after having done a great number of projects in Germany that co-creation is a great and thorough tool for the German industry. It drives momentum and creates a mandate. Berlin, the home base for Hello Digital and Hello Impact, is seen as one THE start-up hubs in the world. Talent and capital flock to the German capital to create businesses for a new era. Amsterdam, where Fronteer is based, is a global village where numerous experiments take place to improve the city and the lives of its inhabitants. Hello Impact will actively use the two cities as places to learn from.


Hello Impact

Together we have chosen the name Hello Impact for a simple reason. We want to be a force for good and challenge the status quo. Fronteer aims to bring its B-Corp DNA to the table. Hello Digital seeks to inject this thinking in all its projects it will carry out in the future. If you are looking for a solid partner for strategic projects focused on co-creation and digital execution, look no further. Leading German, Dutch and international companies trust this team with their biggest challenges.

Key facts

  • Hello Impact, based in Berlin from september 2020 onwards

  • Team of 40: innovators, designers, strategists, connectors

  • Fluent in German, Dutch and English


Lars, partner at Hello Digital and Hello Impact: “There is a huge opportunity in bringing strategy and execution closer together. We’re observing this, especially in digital innovation projects. Simply put: The people who define the strategy are not the ones to turn it into reality. With Hello Impact we bridge this gap, using the co-creation framework to ensure a smooth transition from envisioning to hands-on development. In this unique partnership between Fronteer and Hello Digital we work as one team to create impact together.”

Lieke, partner at Hello Impact: “Bringing together two teams is an incomparable joy, seeing everyone learn and excel. These two companies complement each other perfectly combining strategic thinking with innovative doing. We help our clients make a positive impact – and that is our common ground. Thanks for onboarding this journey – way to go!”

Martijn, partner at Fronteer and Hello Impact: “With the entrepreneurial spirit of Hello Digital we aim to successfully launch co-creation in the German market. We combine the strengths of both our cultures in a joint team of 40 very diverse professionals. We will do our best to bring the Fronteer DNA to Germany through our shared headquarters in Berlin.”

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