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Designing actionable roadmaps to becoming a net positive company

Fronteer Sustainability and Social impact

"This is not about reducing emissions. This is about - measurably - using business as a force for good."

Frédérique Moolenbeek

Associate Partner Fronteer

Our vision

The population continues to grow, resources are becoming scarce, technology is advancing at breakneck speed and consumer behaviors will shift before you know it. In the the Netherlands 93% of publicly listed companies talk about CSR, sustainability, and the SDGs in their annual reports, only 13% have an actionable strategy for reaching those goals. Many organisations have good intentions, but struggle to make sustainable development an integral part of the business. 


We help companies to make their sustainability and social impact tangible, actionable and measurable. Together with colleagues, stakeholders and experts we co-create actionable strategies for progress. We take your company on a journey to bring clarity and focus to the impact you want to make in this world, and how to bring it to life.


Unlocking your company's purpose and understanding the most material impact opportunities

Co-creating solutions

Co-creating with experts and stakeholders to develop breakthrough concepts for impact


Creating actionable roadmaps for systems change 

Fronteer Sustainability and Social impact


Interested to start a journey to accelerate impact?


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