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Co-Creating Local Energy Solutions with Alliander


Cities & Mobility




Britt Schijvenaars
Fleur Rozendaal
Martijn Pater
Rosa Elgershuizen


The energy transition is leading to a shift in the current energy system, with a greater emphasis on sustainable and local sources such as wind and solar. This shift results in a more decentralized system that is more dependent on weather patterns. As a result, energy consumption must be adapted to times when energy is available, leading to new needs among consumers, entrepreneurs, and market participants. Alliander, the Dutch distribution system operator, wanted to explore new ways of creating scalable local energy solutions. Recognizing the importance of working closely with the market to co-create these solutions, Alliander engaged Fronteer to facilitate this process.


Fronteer and Alliander partnered on an initiative that included three co-creation sessions. During these sessions, they generated ideas and concepts through brainstorming and ideation. Many concepts were developed and discussed, and a scoring matrix was used to select the most promising ideas to move forward with. The team narrowed down the concepts to one or two that they will develop into a product or service, in collaboration with partners.


Through this process, Alliander gained valuable insights and ideas from the market, which they used to develop scalable local energy solutions. The concepts were developed into design briefs which provide a clear and actionable plan for Alliander to implement. The initiative helped Alliander to better understand the needs and wants of the market and align their solutions with them.



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