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WWF Netherlands

Co-creating a programme to strengthen the relationship between nature preservation and young families


NGO Impact


Co-creation, Concept Development


James Veenhoff


At Fronteer, we strive to co-create towards positive impact for brands, society, and the planet. To our great delight, we were invited to work for one of the coolest NGOs on the planet: the World Wildlife Fund.

Who doesn’t love the Panda, Tiger, Elephant, and Barrier Reef programmes? WWF is undisputed as one of the most aspirational global organisations, raising funds and running programmes to protect wildlife ecosystems around the world.


To further strengthen the ‘household’ relationship between nature preservation and young families, WWF Netherlands and Fronteer collaborated with school teachers, game makers, FMCG marketing experts as well as mums, dads and grandparents.


The result? A programme of concepts that will inspire, connect and activate families around wildlife, here in the Netherlands. Interestingly, one of the key insights was that families’ lives are already filled with (time) pressure and ‘things to do’ – so whatever we came up with, needed to be both ‘larger than life’ (to fit with WWF’s ‘Big 5′ energy) and a helpful solution that fits in with existing habits and family moments – as opposed to an ‘extra’ or ‘homework for parents’.

Do you have a family with young kids? Stay tuned for exciting ‘Wildlife’ news soon…



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