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Developing a D&I Strategy for DGMR


Diversity & Inclusion


Business Strategy


Leonie van Mierlo
Emma Schootstra


Happily many organisations have made Diversity and Inclusion part of their strategic agenda. So has DGMR. This engineering firm aims to be a frontrunner in creating solutions for their clients. In order to do so they want to embrace diversity and offer a welcome and inclusive workplace for new and existing talent. But how to achieve this? What does D&I mean for DGMR and what ambition do they want to set?


We started off with a kick-off and strategic workshop in which we explored the definitions of diversity and inclusion and current challenges for the organisation when it comes to D&I. We then translated them into an inspiring and unique D&I mission statement and ‘assignments’ for the organisation to work on in the domains of recruitment, growth and retention, innovation and communication.

Together with the leadership-team and top-managers we brought D&I to live in a half day workshop, creating awareness and support. DGMR is ready for the next phase in which workgroups will translate the assignments to action plans for further implementation.


DGMR was new to the topic of D&I. This project has created awareness and a support base throughout the organisation how important diversity and inclusion is to attract and retain the right talent and fulfill their mission to be a frontrunner in the industry. It gave them a quick-start to build on D&I with colleagues.



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