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Nederlands Openluchtmuseum

A digital strategy for the Dutch Open Air Museum


NGO Impact


Strategy Development


Babke Hogenhuis
Britt Schijvenaars
Elisabeth den Heeten
Nina Grispen


The Dutch Open Air Museum (Nederlands Openluchtmuseum) appears at number 3 in the top 10 most visited museums of the country in 2021. The museum holds a large collection of historical buildings and artifacts to showcase the everyday life of the past in the Netherlands. It is also the host of the Canon, a permanent exhibition containing the 40 most influential historical happenings in Dutch history.

Today, technology has become an integral part of our lives and this will only increase in the future. For the Open Air Museum, this raises the question of how they should deal and operate within a digital world?


In two co-creation workshops, we explored new opportunities and ideas for the digital strategy. In the first workshop, we explored opportunity areas in which the Museum could improve its digital presence with internal and external stakeholders. Next, we invited a diverse and multidisciplinary team of experts to join us to create new ideas for the Museum to use digital and online for a more personal, inclusive, and topical experience. The ideas and insights from the co-creation workshops formed the starting point for the development of the digital strategy for the Dutch Open Air Museum.


The digital strategy is centered on the root of one theme. We discovered that digital connects the stories of the past with the generations of today. In order to do so, we focus on three strategic pillars. These pillars serve as a guideline and provide direction and focus for the application of digital within the Museum; Provide context for a deeper and richer experience, Stimulate interaction with and between visitors, and Increase accessibility for a more inclusive Museum. Eventually, the Dutch Open Air Museum should be experienced by all, no matter where they are.



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