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Martijn Pater


The demand for electricity in Amsterdam is growing dramatically. On the one hand due to the growth of Amsterdam and the region with additional homes, companies, social functions, data centers... On the other hand, we are experiencing an energy transition with a transition from fossil fuels to clean fuels such as electricity for air quality and CO2 reduction ambitions.

As a result, there is congestion on the electricity network, and therefore (large) customers cannot be connected. The network in Amsterdam must be increased by a factor of 3 to 5. In addition, it appears that the current infrastructure is not being used to its full potential. It is technically possible to make better use of it. The stumbling block is organisational. Could we jointly optimise storage, consumption and generation of energy so that less is demanded from the network operator's existing and future electricity infrastructure?

Or: How can we better organise and distribute the generation, storage and consumption of energy in the future?


We ran a co-creation process in which we used our Frame, Design and Strategy methodology to create tangible solutions. In a series of co-creation sessions we invited policy makers, public transport companies, end users, grid operators and energy experts. The end results resulted in a three pronged advice and were visualised. On a role level, an organisation level and on a technology level concepts were created to solve the net congestion issues.


The end result has been directly translated into concrete actions by the City of Amsterdam, supported by various stakeholders. A task force has adopted the new approach. For various new area developments the city has piloted and implemented the new roles and organisation philosophy.

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