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Developing concepts for the future of sustainable travel


Sustainability & Social Impact


Future Visions, Sustainability Strategy


Claire Bloemendaal


Travelling enables people to learn about other cultures, it contributes to mutual respect and increases social cohesion. For many, it is an essential ingredient to unwind, relax and become the best version of themselves. However, international travel also has a large impact on our planet and leaves a substantial ecological footprint. TUI, one of the biggest travel organisations worldwide, has set itself a goal to enable travellers to enjoy their holidays responsibly. How can we change the course from doing (less) harm to doing good, finding ways for travellers to make their holidays a contribution to local communities? How to develop an impactful strategy around sustainability and, not to forget, how to organise internally?


TUI already has many initiatives in the field of sustainability. It is Europe’s most carbon-efficient airline, it uses 100% green energy in their office buildings, does waste separation on board, offers sustainable excursions at destinations and has the TUI Care Foundation. Unfortunately, these initiatives are not visible enough and do not always reach their full potential. Together with a TUI Taskforce in The Netherlands and Belgium, we mapped the current activities. By visiting various inspirational companies during our Parallel Perspectives we opened up to new ideas. In co-creation with external experts, we developed a framework with engaging storylines, KPI’s and bold statements that give focus and momentum.


It is TUI’s ambition to be #1 top-of-mind when it comes to sustainable tourism. The project evoked pride in what has already been achieved and ambition on the next steps to take to boost TUI’s sustainable character. To begin with strong employee engagement on different KPI’s. During the course of this project, TUI has already made some bold decisions: replacing flights from Amsterdam to Paris by train transfers and closing 2019 with a substantial donation of the TUI Care Foundation to community projects. But there is more to come. Stay tuned!



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