A vision and toolkit to design NEOM into the home of the future for Prosumers


Cities & Mobility


Co-creation, Future Visions, Concept Development


Babke Hogenhuis
Brenda Tjon-Fo
Iskandar Tange


A new economic zone is being developed in the Northwest of Saudi Arabia: NEOM. A platform for the future, where bright minds and top talent will pioneer new ideas and innovations. It is designed to be the home of 'prosumers'. But who are these people? What drives them? What is their passion? How do they work, live and collaborate? And: How to design NEOM into a place where Prosumers will want to be? Together with the CX team at NEOM we explored these questions.


Using an extensive process, we set out to develop a vision on the future citizens of NEOM. The first phase of the project focused on developing future scenarios. Using trend research, an inspirational webinar with international keynote speakers, and a series of interviews with experts around the globe in the domains of urban landscape, human values, smart society and sustainable future, we developed the first hypothesis on what a Prosumer could be and what their values would be.

In the second phase we organised 6 online co-creation workshops around the world (Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Americas & Pacific) to validate and enrich our hypothesis together with expert consumers. The insights from these workshops formed the foundation for our final vision - which was quantified to estimate the size of opportunities.

Finally, we developed an online design guide aimed at supporting the full team at NEOM in taking a prosumer-centric approach to designing and building NEOM.


This resulted in a strong vision on Prosumers, their values and needs. And an online platform with a clear set of guidelines, practical tools and instructional videos to support Prosumer-centric design and make NEOM the home of the future.



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