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4 reasons for doing a Fast Track to accelerate your innovation process

It’s an exciting time for game changers. In this age of transition and innovation new solutions are launched rapidly. So, if you want to stay relevant in these turbulent times: it is essential to innovate faster.

That’s why Fronteer introduced the Fast Track as a new approach. This new approach is inspired by methodologies like Design Thinking, our experiences with GV’s Design Sprints and our own expertise in co-creation. The Fast Track gives companies a fresh perspective on their daily business and forces your team to make concrete decisions. Are you ready to accelerate positive impact? We listed 4 key reasons to do a Fast Track.

1. Create positive impact in one single week

Innovation processes can be lengthy and time consuming. Especially when after months of working on new solutions you have to take the next step. Validate your concept with the target group and review, iterate and adapt based on their feedback. A Fast Track compresses this process into one single week: it acts as a pressure cooker. Over the course of one week we define the tough strategic question that needs to be tackled, identify opportunities and ideas and prototype the most promising solutions. Finally, these prototypes are validated with real expert users to filter out flaws. This explicit feedback forces you and your team to make fast decisions. Leading to concrete concepts and next steps for growth at the end of the Fast Track. A recent example of a successful Fast Track is the House of Events programme with ROCvA. This programme educates students to become great event producers.

I cannot believe we made so much progress in just one week, did we really come up with this ourselves?”

2. Co-create with experts

You might have heard it before: expert co-creation brings unexpected perspectives to the table. Ideas are shared and improved together to crack complex challenges. The most valuable insights are collected to create the best and most relevant solutions. Integrating co-creation into the Fast Track approach gives your project team a great opportunity to collaborate with relevant stakeholders and experts.

3. Let your creative juices flow

The best innovations are not always created within the walls of your office. One of the key ingredients is an inspiring environment where you are able to fully focus on the challenge. To make your Fast Track successful we create a safe environment for everyone to get fully energised to crack the challenge.

4. Build one happy team

By using various ways of brainstorming there is room for everyone’s input. The structured process minimises useless discussions but makes sure all opinions are collected. Achieving results and creating strong solutions together is key in becoming one happy team.

“We finally speak each other’s language.”

One step ahead, take the Fast Track

The Fast Track is a great approach to explore future scenarios and crack critical business questions. Through design, prototyping, and testing with consumers and external experts in five or less days. Curious about our approach or wondering what a Fast Track can do for you? Start a conversation!


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