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Developing Heineken's global sustainability strategy for 2030


Sustainability & Social Impact


Sustainability Strategy


James Veenhoff
Frédérique Moolenbeek
Tessa Werter
Shannen Yin May Chin


With the former Sustainable Development strategy of Heineken ending in 2020, also known as Brewing a Better World, a new SD strategy had to be put in place to continue the journey to sustainability. For the next decade, we have challenged ourselves to develop a new SD strategy for 2020-2030, built by means of a storyline and a visualisation that captures the strategy. Together with an international and interdisciplinary team, we tried to wrap the entire programme under one clean and understandable ‘umbrella’ that is easy to understand and talk about, and integrates the existing 2030 commitments with Heineken’s ‘bold moves'.


We have used a focused, and nimble ‘design’ process in three ‘sprint’-style weeks. Each week consisted of 4 days of sprinting and 1 day of rest to ‘process’ all of the input.

Before being able to set up an SD strategy for internal use, it was of high importance to look at the external context that the SD strategy framework needed to operate in first. During the first week of the sprint and on the basis of Fronteer’s Lighthouse model, we looked at key trends in the market, the main competitors and stakeholders of Heineken, and the target audience of the 2030 SD framework. The resulting strategic vision served as a basis for the three narrative routes that the team co-created towards the end of the first week.

The goal of the second week was to further explore and validate the operationality of the different narrative routes that we formulated at the end of the first week. In order to look at the operationality of each of them in the context of Heineken, we set up validation sessions with different Operating Companies (OpCos) of Heineken from all over the world. With the input from Opcos from Ireland, Brazil, Hungary, Indonesia and Vietnam, we used the process of iteration to work towards three perfected, inclusive and operational narratives.

The main objective of the third week of the sprint was to finalize the concepts and bring them to life through design. Consequently, we explored various visual explorations in order to create the perfect fit between the storyline and the visual.


We are extremely proud of the SD framework strategy that we co-created together with the team of Heineken. Join the movement and our mission to create a positive impact for a more sustainable world of consumption.



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